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Coonoor Sim' Park laughs with blooming flowers

Updated by : Travel2ooty on October/07/2016

The flowers are started blossom at 20 varieties of flower plants including Salvia, Delia, Marigold, Kosmas and Fancy. As the influx of tourists is high on holidays,so various activities are undertaken by the Horticulture Department in order to enthuse them.


The park was thoroughly maintained and the boats were renovated in order for the tourists to ride a boat without any interruption.


Since the second season will begin at the end of this month, the plants have also be planted in Pots and maintained at the Glass House of this park. In order to raise awareness among the tourists about the rare species of trees and herbal plants, it is also planned to keep the Name Plates of the flower plants.It is expected that the arrival of tourists for this second season will be more than the last year.