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Ooty police introduce sticker system for light vehicles

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In a bid to control traffic congestion ahead of the tourist season in Ooty and to help the locals, the police have come out with a new idea that the local light vehicles will be given with a sticker so that they could drive freely without taking the one-way system. The sticker system was started in Ooty on Wednesday by the Nilgiris SP, Murali Rambha.
According to the SP, last year several complaints were received during the tourist season by the locals for they had been put into difficulty due to unnecessary traffic diversion. "Hence, keeping in mind about the locals, this year, we have got a new idea that the local light vehicles will be provided with a sticker after verification so that they don't face any adversity. Also, the traffic overcrowding will be reduced in the town significantly," Murali Rambha said. During tourist season time, at least 5,000-7,000 vehicles would hit the hill town every day.
Normally the traffic is redirected through Kotagiri for vehicles going down to the plains, while the vehicles coming from the plains are allowed via Coonoor- Ooty Road during April and May.
Updated on 20/3/2017

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