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Heavy rainfall uproots trees in Nilgiris

Image : Photo Credit: The HinduUpdated by : Travel2ooty on July/21/2017

Nilgiris district witnessed heavy rainfall with storm that uprooted many trees in almost all parts of the district yesterday. A huge tree fell down at Khandal near Ooty at the early morning due to strong wind during the rainfall.


Many trees have fallen on the road at Naduvattam, Ooty to Manjoor road, Ooty to Pykara road and Parson's Valley.


The fire and rescue department of the district were alerted to remove the trees on the ro

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Tea factories remain closed till July 21 due to payment issue

Image : Photo Credit: The HinduUpdated by : Travel2ooty on July/17/2017

The tea factories in the Nilgiris have announced to stop operation of the factory from 15th July 2017, due to the payment settlement issue between the buyers and sellers. After the implementation of GST, the large tea buyers have been demanding to use old transaction method between buyers and sellers via the brokers.


As the tea producers have objected to the payment system being made through the brokers, the large tea buyers have stopped the purchase of tea fro

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Kalhatti waterfalls dries up with insufficient rain

Image : Photo Credit: Daily ThanthiUpdated by : Travel2ooty on July/12/2017

Nilgiris district usually receives heavy rainfall during northeast and southwest monsoons, so that the dams, waterfalls and rivers receive more water flow during these rainy season. But in the last two years, the district received only less rainfall which is below the normal rainfall level. This caused drying up of many lakes, rivers and waterfalls.


More specially, the kalhatti falls located on the Ooty to Mysore road, is dried up due to the insufficient rainfa

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New collector of Nilgiris district

Image : Photo Credit: The HinduUpdated by : Travel2ooty on July/10/2017

Mr.P.Sankar, the present collector of Nilgiris was replaced by a new collector Ms. Innocent Divya, who is a 2009 batch IAS officer. She was appointed as a new collector of the Nilgiris on July 10, 2017.


Ms. Divya was previously working as a special officer at Chief Minister's cell and in Chennai Corporation and as Deputy Secretary of the Food and Consumer Protection Department.


She addressed the press and told that her main aim

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Rarest 'white tiger' spotted in Nilgiris

Image : Photo Credit: The HinduUpdated by : Travel2ooty on July/06/2017

For the first time, a rarest species of 'white tiger' was spotted in Nilgiris by a wildlife photographer - Mr.Nilanjan Ray. The picture of the white tiger with pale white color skin has kindled the interest among the conservationists and forest department to find whether the skin color is due to genetic mutation or not.


The photographer has spotted the white tiger during his trip to Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve. The picture of the white tiger was reviewed

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Nuisance caused by wild elephants in nilgiris

Image : Photo Credit: Daily ThanthiUpdated by : Travel2ooty on July/04/2017

Due to insufficient food and water in the forest, many wild animals including elephants and deer enter the cultivated and agricultural lands in the villages near the border between gudalur and mudumalai tiger reserve. These animals move from forest and enter the village during the evening or night time, in search of food and this has caused panic among the village residents.


The wild animals have destroyed the banana, coconut and palm trees in the agricultural

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