Mudumalai National Park Timing & Entrance Fees

Forest 7 am - 9 am and 3 pm - 6 pm (Daily) Rs 35 per person 8 Tips

Timing :

             Van Safari - Morning: 06.30 AM to 09.00 AM, Evening: 03.30 PM to 06.00 PM,

             Elephant Safari - Morning: 07.00 AM to 08.30 AM,Evening: 03.30 PM to 05.00 PM

Entrance Fees : No Fees
Camera Fees : Still camera Rs 50/- , Video Rs 250
Things to do : Forest Safari Ride, Animal Spotting, Bird Watching
Other Fees : Van Safari: Rs.45 per person, for half an hour round trip, Maximum 25 people per Van
Elephant Safari:Rs.100 per person, Maximum 4 people per elephant. private jeep safari ride depends on bargaining
Entry fees last updated on 11/30/2016 

Mudumalai National Park

                     Mudumalai National Park also a declared Tiger Reserve is the first wildlife sanctuary in southern India. It was established in the year 1940 and it covers about 60 kilometers. Now the area is extended upto 321 kilometers. Gray langur and the bonnet macaque are both living in the park. But you can also see fauna such as tigers, leopards, striped hyenas, dholes, sloth bears, Asian elephants, and Golden Jackals. It is also home to different species of birds.Crested hawk-eagle, the crested serpent eagle, the Malabar Trojan, and the Malabar grey hornbill are some of them. The Moyar River and Nilgiri River flow through the reserve.The sanctuary received its name from the word ‘Mudumalai’ which means ‘situated on the first hill’. It is sorrounded by the tropical evergreen forest, shrub and swamp, moist teak forest, moist mixed deciduous, dry teak forest and secondary grassland. It is one of the main tourist destination spot.

Mudumalai National Park

Mudumalai National Park is the first wildlife sanctuary in southern India. It was established in the year 1940 and it covers about 60 kilometers. Now the area is extended upto 321 kilometers.

8 Reviews and Tips

8/7/2019 12:13:05 AM

We visited mudumalai in the morning around 8 am and took a safari trip. Ticket price is ok and Its amazingly well organised with trustworthy, competent and well informed staff.Keep your mobile on silent to enjoy the nature.Drive to the place was good via masinagudi road.

3/7/2018 2:41:12 AM

Mudumalai national park is another half of the national park shared as Bandipur national park. One can see elephants and other wild animals on the roadside while travelling from Mysore to Ooty. Also, there is elephant park where you can see elephants.

1/21/2018 10:24:17 PM

It is a total waste. We went for safari ride by paying more amount but we saw only deer and elephants nothing else. No road inside while going. Waste of going from Ooty and waste of time.

8/25/2017 10:42:50 PM

The trip to Mudumalai was fantastic and the animals were plentiful and easy to find. We spotted deer, sambar deer, buffaloes, elephants and monkeys. Tigers and leopards were not around, but there were many elephants.

8/2/2016 12:50:47 AM

Mudumalai National Park is the must visit places for photographers.Spotting animals in this park is really a matter of luck.One can spot Bison, Deer, Bison and other animals in this park.Safari will be conducted at particular times at morning and evening.The drive to this park is excellent.

7/27/2016 11:22:33 PM

Mudumalai National Park is one of the highly recommended places for nature lovers and wildlife photographers.The Safari ride is conducted at Morning 6am to 9 am and evening 3pm to 6 pm.You can spot Bisons,Sambhar Deer, Elephants,Mammals and other wildlife animals while safari ride.If you ride from Mysore to Ooty on the way you can spot more animals like Deer,Elephants and other animals.

2/12/2016 12:40:53 AM

Mudumalai National Park is some 50 km from Ooty. Safari Ride is the main attraction.You can spot Deer, Peacock and Elephant often throughout the road.But you can also spot Tiger and Bison if you are lucky.This is the best place for nature lovers and wildlife photographers.

Parveen Banu
12/22/2015 1:34:03 AM

It's a must place to visit, you can spot the animals such as monkeys, Deer, Peacock, Elephant, Hares etc.., Safari rides are available in Mudumalai. Safari timings are from morning 7 am to 9 am and then in evening 3 pm to 6 pm.The government operates a van safari for 45 minutes it would cost you 135 / head.There are also many private jeeps, they charge you around 750 -1000 / trip for 1 hour.

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