Doddabetta Peak

South India contains several of the finest stunning mountain peaks in the country, including Doddabetta Peak is without a doubt is among the most gorgeous. It's a wonderland of stunning scenery and lush foliage that attracts a large number of people.

Doddabetta Peak is located inside the Nilgiri Hills, near the crossroads of both the Western as well as Eastern Kutch, inside the Indian region of Tamil Nadu. Throughout Badugu languages, the term 'Doddabetta' means 'Big Mountain.' This mountain is indeed a short distance from Ooty which is among the top spots to explore in Ooty.

Doddabetta Entrance Fees

Rs 10Rs 10Rs 15Rs 60

Tickets rates updated on : 04/20/2024

Parking Fees

Maxi CabCar & JeepBike
Rs 40Rs 20Rs 10


Bevarage ShopsToiletsWheel Chair Accessible
YesYesTill Telescope View

Quick Info

The distance from Ooty bus stand is 10km. Try to go in early morning so you can visit other places in the afternoon, Awesome view. The highest in south India. You can enjoy some carrots, corn cob, some mangoes and some peanuts and chill fresh air

  • Abounding 360 degrees of beauty.
  • Ooty City on one side.
  • Kotagiri on the other side (far away).
  • You can spend an hour easily in the surroundings.
  • The atmosphere is simply beautiful and refreshing.
  • You get to see Gods own Art as Clouds array themselves in formations and the Sunrays peek into valley thru clouds.
  • you get a 360 degrees Horizon of peaks & valleys below you.
  • You observe that the Nilgiris are truly Blue Mountains.

Doddabetta is the highest mountain in the Nilgiri Hills, at 2637 metres (8650 feet). There is a reserved forest area around the peak. It is 9 km from Ooty,on the Ooty-Kotagiri Road in the Nilgiris District of Tamil Nadu, South India. It is a popular tourist attraction with road access to the summit. The Chamundi Hills can be viewed from the peak.There is an observatory at the top of Doddabetta with two telescopes available for the public to enjoy the magnificent panoramic view of the whole district. The beautiful valley, plains of Coimbatore and the flat highlands of Mysore are visible from this point.

What to expect inside

City View from Doddabetta Peak

Be prepared for a short climb to reach the place from the car park.

Observation Tower needs eternal patience to enter thru huge que.

Visitors can visit the highpoint from 8:00 am to 7 pm (All Days)

Telescope View and Ooty Town View from Top of the hill

This mountain is popular with hikers and photographers, and it's a great place to spend a vacation with family members and friends. The entire area encircling this mountain is ideal for activities such as camping, hiking, holiday travels, and so much more. The picturesque grandeur of this hilltop makes it an ideal spot for relaxation, as well as the observatory house offers a spectacular overview of the surrounding area.

Doddabetta Peak View Point

Travelers if they want to travel to these peaks is very reasonable. The tea festivals, such as the yearly "Tea as well as Tourism Festival," which takes place every year is very exciting. Don't forget to stop by the merchants and kiosks along the road to this mountain, where you may get fresh foods and beverages such as mangoes, peanuts, maize, and also more.● You would also have a clear and stunning sight of the neighboring areas, including Mysore as well as Coimbatore, once you approach the summit of this peak. This is feasible if you arrive upon a day when the foggy clouds that hover around the mountain are not there.

Doddabetta Route Map

Tips for Exploring Doddabetta Peak from Travelers

● Book a visit to this delightful spot early during the mornings to escape the crowds and see the beautiful sunrise and views of the beautiful green valleys.

● If you travel during the wintertime, bring warm clothing as temperatures might drop to 5 ° C.

● Wear comfy shoes if you're traveling across a tough area with coarse grass.

● You must pay Rupees 10 for photography and Rupees 50 for filming if you want to take pictures here.

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