10 Best Shopping Places in Ooty

Ooty Shopping

If shopping was a sport then it would surely be classed as the best one of Ooty. This tiny hill station packs in more small malls per square mile than any other hill station in the country, meaning that although it might only appear as a small red dot on your map, it’s well up there with the best shopping destinations in the country. In fact, visitors could visit only one street in the entire city – the famous Charing Cross Road - and still be blown away by the sheer size and variety of bazaars on offer. Those with an adversity to these giant indoor shopping arenas need not fear; some of the best places to shop in Ooty come in the form of outdoor markets, bustling roads and clusters of quaint boutiques. Both Etiness road ooty and charing cross are great shopping destinations in their own right, and the vast Commercial Street Market is a fun and friendly shopping experience not to be missed either. We’ve scoured the city’s streets to compile this list of the 10 best places to shop in Ooty - all for your retail pleasure.

Things you can buy Online from Ooty

1. Malai Then[Hill Honey from Ooty]

Malai Then Hill Honey  Wild honey

Locally its Malai Then, Hill Honey also called as Wild honey, Honey from ooty is 100% raw, has no additives. The honey is naturally crystallized, creamy and smooth. It is ideal as a natural substitute for sugar and other refined sweeteners and is excellent on cereals, fruits and sandwiches; in tea or coffee.

2. Nilgiris eucalyptus oil

Shopping in commercial road

Derived from steam distillation of leaves and twigs of the Eucalyptus Family, For external relief eg symptoms of cold, wind and flatulence, muscle stiffness, minor bruises and minor sprains

3. Homemade Chocolates

Shopping in Ooty

Delicious Homemade Chocolate from Ooty, Get from direct makers and not from the dealers, feel the real taste of Ooty Homemade Chocolates, we have many varieties to display for you, order according to your requirements

Best places for shopping in Ooty

1. Charring cross

Charing cross road

Things to buy from Charring Cross Road Ooty, Woolen clothes, Toda Embroidery and antiques, Horticulture Plants & Flower Seeds , Woolen clothes price range from Rs 50 to Rs 2000, ask for Tibetan market, will have full access of all type of woolen cloths, need to bargain to get best discount

2. Commercial Street

Shopping in commercial road

Things to buy from Commerical Road - Homemade chocolates, Aromatics eucalyptus Oil, Ooty varkey, Leather Products

3. Ooty Lake

Shopping in Ooty

Things to buy Near Ooty Lake Road - Yellow flower, flower with long life span, Carrot, and much more ...

4. Market Road

Charing cross road

Things to buy from Ooty Market - Fresh Fruits, Strawberry, Ooty plums (Seasonal), Ooty Apple (Seasonal), Dont forget to drink a juice inside fruit market, you will find a delicious fruit juice inside Ooty Market

5. Hill Bunk Road

Shopping honey in Ooty

Things to buy near Hill Bunk - Honey, Real Honey from the honey bee museum, have a small study of Bees and buy original honey from the Museum itself

6. Pykara Road

Shopping in Ooty

Things to buy near Pykara - Homemade chocolate factory - Go visit how the home made chocolates is prepared and buy some original homemade chocolates from directly from Home made chocolates factory

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