Ooty Weather

Weather in Ooty

Ooty is cold place which has three different climate conditions. Summer from April to June (Hottest Climate), Monsoon from July to October (Raining season) and Winter from November to February (Coldest Climate). Day time will be cool and night will be more cold. Ooty climate is strongly influenced by the WesterGhat Mountain Ranges.

Ooty Weather

Ooty Weather By Seasons

Before you book your trip to Ooty, check the weather in Ooty, know which is the best time to visit Ooty and make your trip a memorable one, Check best Ooty tour packages for your trip

Ooty weather in summer season

Summer weather will be peak tourist season in ooty, we call it as On Season ,and Season starts from March 15th to July 15th, Climate will be hot in day time, and cold in night time, best for all type of tourist to tour ooty. Ooty will be greener on this season, flower shows, fruit shows, and many more will happen to attract tourist in this season, and same way the hotel room tariff will also be in peak during this time. May expect small drizzling during end of July month.

Ooty weather in monsoon season

Monsoon season starts from July 15th to October 15th in ooty, we call it as Off season, can expect bit more rainy climate, some time pouring rain during monsoon season. Best season for honeymoon couples, and photographers, you can get the best shoot out time during this season. Search for the sun and go out for the sightseeing, make your loved one close under the umbrella. It will be best unforgettable trip, where you can expect unexpected things during this season.

Ooty weather in winter season

Ooty Winter weather begins from October 15th and lasts till February 15th. We call it as Second season,Need to experience the real snow falls, showering climate, then this season will be the best season to experience it, you don’t see too much green ooty in snow weather, which might be burnt by the cold of snow, perfect for honeymoon couples. Winter season is also the best time to visit Ooty.

Note:We can’t predict the climatic condition, as we know the climate is changing drastically as unexpected, the above content is as for our locale experience.

Ooty Weather By Months (2023)

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What is the best month to visit Ooty?

You can visit the hill station Ooty round the year to experience the mild climate and get close to nature. However, there are two seasons when most tourists come visiting. The first peak season is between April and June when the average temperature is around 20 degree Celsius. The other season is in September – October. The weather is cooler during these months and you can expect more rain showers.

What is the rainy season in Ooty?

The monsoon or rainy season in Ooty is between June and September. In June, the rain may be little less, but as the monsoon gets severe, rainfall becomes more. The temperature will be towards the lower end. Visiting the major sightseeing spots may get difficult, but if you want to visit the hill station to get away from dust and pollution, then the rainy season is an ideal time to visit Ooty.

What is the coldest month in Ooty?

The winter season in Ooty begins in November and goes on till February. Sometimes the temperature can go as low as 5 degree Celsius during the coldest months. The hotel rates are usually discounted during this off-season. So, you can plan a budget tour to Ooty during the cold months. Just make sure to pack warm clothing.

What you should wear in Ooty?

The clothes you should pack for your trip to Ooty depends on when you are planning to travel to this hill station. If you are travelling in winter, make sure you have warm clothing like sweater, jerkin, or a pullover. While traveling in the monsoon season, make sure to pack a raincoat or an umbrella and flip flops. Even if the weather looks sunny in the morning, have a sweater or jerkin with you when you go out as the weather may change at any moment. But no matter which season you travel in, pack comfortable cotton clothes, denims and outerwear.

What can you see in Ooty for 5 days?

If you are planning a 5-day visit in Ooty, you can cover the following sightseeing spots:
Day 1: Dodabetta peak, Tea Factory, Botanical Garden, Rose Garden
Day 2: Children’s Park, Lake Park, Ooty Lake boating, St. Stephen’s Church
Day 3: Ketti valley view, Sim’s Park, Lamb’s Rock, Dolphin’s Nose, Droog Fort
Day 4: Upper Bhavani Lake, Avalanche Lake and Bison Valley
Day 5: Pykara Lake and Mudumalai wildlife sanctuary

What can you see in Ooty for 3 days?

If you are planning a 3-day visit in Ooty, you can cover the following places
Day 1: Dodabetta peak, Botanical Garden, Rose Garden, Children’s Park
Day 2: Ketti Valley view, Sims Park, Dolphin’s Nose Peak, Lamb’s Rock
Day 3: Boating in Ooty Lake, Pykara Lake or Upper Bhavani lake or Avalanche Lake and shopping in Ooty in the evening

What can you see in Ooty for 2 days?

If you are planning to visit Ooty for 2 days, you can spend one day in Ooty and 1 day in Coonoor.
Day 1: Dodabetta peak, Botanical Garden, Rose Garden, Boating in Lake, Children’s Park
Day 2: Sims Park, Dolphin’s Nose Peak, Lamb’s Rock and shopping in Ooty in the evening

Ooty Weather Map

Updates of ooty weather

Ooty Weather & Temperature In January 2023

Temperature in Ooty in the month of January 2023

Also known as the Queen of Hills, Ooty is a scenic town which has a beautiful climate throughout the year because of its perfect location. The winters in Ooty are colder than rest of the south India. Winter season is the best preferable time to visit Ooty for newlyweds.

Maximum Temperature - 23°C
Minimum Temperature - 8°C

Compulsory woolen clothes required for night time, Yon can see snow falls shatterd around the grass in early morning, Day time will be sunny, but after 5:30 pm you will start shivering, so make sure you have atleast one pair of woolen clothes in this month


Ooty Weather In February 2023

Temperature in Ooty in the month of February 2023

February is a winter season in Ooty, climate will be cold and dry. The winds are effective. The travellers are recommended to carry warm clothes with them during this month. The temperature drops down to 5°C at night. The days remain sunny, so you can enjoy visiting key attractions like Avalanche and Toy Train. 

Maximum Day Temperature: 23°C

Minimum Night Temperature: 9°C

Ooty Weather In March 2023

Temperature in Ooty in the month of March 2023

March is usually pleasant at Ooty, with temperatures hovering around 22°C to 25°C during the day and around 10 to 15°C at Night. As March is the peak exam season, it is expected to be less crowded.

Maximum Day Temperature: 25°C

Minimum Night Temperature: 10°C

Ooty Weather In April 2023

Temperature in Ooty in the month of April 2023

The best time to visit Ooty hill station is between April-May when many events like flower show, fruit show and vegetable show etc., will be organized in Nilgiri District. In April month, the temperature remains somewhere around 25°C which offers a pleasant weather. It is the best time for traveling and sightseeing. During these months, nights are also comfortable.

Maximum Day Temperature: 25°C

Minimum Night Temperature: 13°C

Ooty Weather In June 2023

Temperature in Ooty in the month of June 2023

June month is monsoon in Ooty. But this month receives not much rainfall and thus not affecting much for visitors.

Maximum Temperature - 21°C

Minimum Temperature - 13°C

Ooty Weather In July 2023

Temperature in Ooty in the month of July 2023

July month constitutes monsoon season in Ooty. This is the peak monsoon month in which town receives moderate to heavy downpour thus it interrupts sightseeing.

Maximum Temperature - 19°C

Minimum Temperature - 12°C

Current Weather In Ooty