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Popularly known as the blue mountains or queen of mountains, Ooty is an amazing place to spend a holiday with family or friends. It is not just a tourist place, but it has much more to offer to everyone who visit this place. Read more about Ooty

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Ooty tourism packages
Ooty Tourism Packages

We offer you the best Ooty tour packages based on different budget needs. Still not happy? Then you can customize your own package for your Ooty tour. You can make all your bookings and arrangements before you actually step into Ooty.

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  • Friend Ooty tour packages
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Ooty tour packages
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Best places to visit in Ooty

It is always good to know about the places to visit and the Places nearby. This will help you save some time and enjoy the trip in Ooty.

  • Places for shopping in Ooty
  • Beautiful gardens in Ooty
  • Wildlife in Ooty
  • Lakes in Ooty
  • Adventure activity in Ooty
  • Trekking spots in Ooty
  • Museums in Ooty
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Places to visit in Ooty
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Hotels in Ooty

When you are planning a trip to Ooty, it is always good to book your hotel rooms also. Whether it is peak season or normal season, Ooty is always filled with tourists from various parts of the world. So, here you will find the best information about the best Ooty Hotels.

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Hotels in Ooty
Adventure activity in Ooty
Adventure Activity in Ooty

Bored of seeing usuall sightseeing places, chill out , we have some thing diffrent to show you in Ooty. Explore our Adventure tour packages in Ooty. No boundries no restrictions, we will take all permissions from officials, you just enjoy the activity

  • Trekking in Ooty
  • Hikking in Ooty
  • Camping in Ooty
  • Forest Safari rides in Ooty
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Adventure activity in Ooty

The Tourism Services Offered By Us

Ooty is the capital city of the Nilgiris in Tamil Nadu. This place is situated at the height of 2240 meters above the sea level. One of the south of the Vindhyas, you will find this place Ooty, which is a dense forested area in Nilgiri. Ootacamund was the first name given to this place by the Britishers. Later, this place was popular as Udhagamandalam and now the name is simple and very popular as well, itsOOTY.

Ooty was a very small place during the colonial period of British rule, but now it is one of the best tourist places in India, especially in south India. This place was a small tribal area which was occupied by the Toda tribes and now this place is not anymore just a tribal area. Ooty Tourism is popular across the world and you are going to enjoy the best holiday when you are in this place. Apart from just the scenic view of the place, you also have some amazing shopping and adventurous sports to enjoy here.

The tea plantations and coffee plantations of Ooty tour are going to be the best things that you enjoy. Yes, this place Ooty has got some amazing tea plantations and tea estate which can be one of the best places that you should not miss here.

The climate and temperature of this place Ooty is something that you should know. You are going to love the climate as it is ideal for you to visit in any season. You will have a good summer, ideal for shopping and sightseeing, good monsoons and also winter as well. The temperature may sometimes go below 5 degree C as well. So, those who love this kind of climate, then you should not miss Ooty at all. The climate and temperature of this place Ooty is something that you should know. You are going to love the climate as it is ideal for you to visit in any season. You will have a good summer, ideal for shopping and sightseeing, good monsoons and also winter as well. The temperature may sometimes go below 5 degree C as well. So, those who love this kind of climate, then you should not miss Ooty at all.

Are you planning for a trip to Ooty? Looking for some Ooty tour Packages? Then you are on the right page. You will be able to find Family Packages, Honeymoon packages, weekend getaway packages and much more on this website. You will be able to find the list of the best hotels to check in, list of best places to see here and list of things to do. So, what else would you need than this? You have something more than this? You can still reach us or our FAQ page and we can help you with all that you need to know about Ooty and how to have fun to the fullest.

From the question How to reach Ooty to how to get back to your place after a great trip in Ooty, you have every information on this page. So, don’t just waste your time, start looking for the best information on our website.

It's true that the small city-state does have a certain sheen of wealth. But Ooty offers more than just climats , luxury hotels, and fine dining (though it's worth indulging in those a bit if you can). There is also a vibrant history and diverse ethnic quarters to discover, along with the many family-friendly attractions and lovely public spaces that make visiting this slightly futuristic city worthwhile.

Ooty has an excellent public transportation system that makes getting around convenient and easy. Once you've gotten a sense of the map, you'll have no problem zipping from one part of town to the next. English is spoken everywhere and signs are in English as well. In fact, Ooty is one of the easiest and most comfortable city to navigate in South India.

If you are looking for Ooty Tour Packages, Honeymoon Packages, Family Packages, Weekend Packages in Ooty, then you are in right place, plan your trip prior in Ooty, avail our services to book all your requirements with good affordable tariff, Choose best hotels to stay, visit all sightseeing places, book toy train tickets, elephant safari ride, forest rides in prior. We Travel2ooty is a registered Tour and Travel operator in Ooty, So no worries, Plan a perfect weekend trip in Ooty, Stay in best budget hotels near Ooty lake, Explore more adventure activity things in Ooty with safe and secure guides, check all Ooty tour packages and enjoy Ooty tourism

Hotels in Ooty:

You have a number of options to choose from in Hotels. You have budget hotels, Cottages in Ooty, forest huts, tents, Ooty resorts and much more. You can get an idea about different hotel types if you read the reviews given by the tourist on our website. You can book a hotel with us and get the best discounts and offers. You will never have to panic about the accommodation at the last minute.

Transport in Ooty:

For visiting Ooty tourist places, you will need a taxi or a cab if you are not having a car. You cannot enjoy the trip well, if you are using the public transport. So, in order to avoid that problem, you can hire our Ooty Cabs service. We have pick up and dropping facilities to bus stations, railway stations also. You will be offered the best rates when compared to many other tourist cabs available in Ooty. You can hire cabs for sightseeing as well. So, hire them based on your needs.

Honeymoon packages:

Honeymoon, the best time for any couple in their life and Ooty is a special place to celebrate the beginning of your new life. You have many honeymoon packages to select from and also you will be able to customize them according to your need. You can book the best honeymoon package hotels as well for those special candle light dinners, bone fire, flowers, amazing flower arrangements and much more. You have some amazing places for the couples to spend time. All this is part of our honeymoon package.

Ooty Tourist places:

In Ooty, you have more than 75 places for sightseeing and it would be great if you can visit all of them as part of your trip to Ooty. But if it is a short trip to Ooty, then you should choose the places carefully. You can check out our portal for the pictures of the place and pick the locations according to your taste and choice. You can gather some interesting information about the place, best time to visit the place, what can be the entry fee and much more. All this together will help you in finding the right place for your trip in Ooty.

Ooty Tourist Packages

ooty honeymoon packages
Honeymoon Packages
8+ Packages
Friends and Groups Ooty Tour Packages
Family Ooty Tourist Package
7200/-2Adult + 1kid
Friends and Groups Ooty Tour Packages
Friends Ooty Tour Packages
1300/-Per head

Ooty Honeymoon tourism packages

Honeymoon packages for the special couples in Ooty. Ooty is definitely a fantastic place to spend time before you start a new life. A peaceful place to know each other. You will have a lot of options to add to your package. That means, you can customize it.

Family Ooty Tourist Package

Planning a safe and secured trip to Ooty with Family and kids? Then you can choose our Family Ooty Tour Package. It starts from Rs 7200/- per one kid and two adults. You can also customize the package if you want based on the number of family members you have and other requirements.

Friends and Groups Ooty Tour Packages

If you are staying in a nearby state or city to Ooty, then you can plan a two day or one day trip to Ooty with friends or corporate groups. For all those friends and group tourists, we have weekend plans which start from Rs. 1300/- per head. So, get your friends and have fun with the least amount possible in Ooty.

Ooty Daily Updated

A Call to Avoid Bursting Crackers Near Forest

Updated On Tue, Nov 07, 2023

A Call to Avoid Bursting Crackers Near Forest

The Forest Department, responsible for the conservation and protection of Mudumali and its surrounding areas, has issued a stern warning against bursting crackers during Diwali. They emphasize that the use of fireworks can result in:Read More

Mettuplayam Ooty Train Cancelled

Updated On Sun, Nov 05, 2023

Mettuplayam Ooty Train Cancelled

IRCTC Cancels Mettuplayam to Ooty Train Service for Tomorrow Due to Heavy Rain and Landslide on Track. In a significant disruption to the Mettuplayam to Ooty train route, services have been suspended due to severe heavy rain and a landslide that have impacted the railway track. This cancellation, which is being done by IRCTC, will affect travel plans for tomorrow.Read More

Plastic Banned in Nilgiris Essential

Updated On Fri, Nov 03, 2023

Plastic Banned in Nilgiris Essential

Nilgiris is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna. To safeguard its pristine beauty, the district administration introduced a comprehensive plastic ban. This ban extends to the use of plastic bags, bottles, and other single-use plastic items. Here's what you need to know: 1. Plastic Bottles Are a No-Go: One of the most significant changes for tourists is the restriction on bringing plastic water bottles into Nilgiris. You will not find bottled water being sold at most tourist spots, so you must be prepared to use alternative options like reusable bottles or purchase water in glass bottles or containers.

Planning a Memorable Diwali Getaway in 2023

Updated On Mon, Oct 30, 2023

Planning a Memorable Diwali Getaway in 2023

Diwali, the festival of lights, is a time for joy, celebration, and creating beautiful memories. What better way to celebrate this auspicious occasion than by planning a trip to the picturesque hill station of Ooty? Ooty, also known as Udhagamandalam, is a popular tourist destination in South India that offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and serenity. To ensure your Diwali holidays in 2023 are unforgettable, this article will guide you on how to plan the perfect trip to Ooty.

Rain Expected in Next Two Days in Ooty

Updated On Sun, Oct 29, 2023

Rain Expected in Next Two Days in Ooty

Get ready to embrace the refreshing beauty of the Nilgiris, as the picturesque hill station of Ooty is gearing up to welcome some much-needed rainfall over the next two days. With the monsoon making a comeback, locals and tourists alike can expect a respite from the dry spell that has persisted for some time.

Travelling Ooty in Peak Season

Updated On Sat, Oct 21, 2023

Why You Should Book in Advance

ooty can get incredibly crowded during the Ajutha Pooja long holidays. With thousands of tourists flocking to this serene destination, the demand for accommodations, transportation, and activities skyrockets. In this blog, we'll discuss the challenges you might face when visiting Ooty during these peak times and why prior booking is essential.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best time to visit Ooty?

Ooty is a place which you can visit round the year, but if you are looking for the best time, then April to June and October to January can be the best time. You will be able to enjoy both sightseeing and shopping if it is summer and in Winter, the climate and the scenic view is going to be the best.

2. What will be the temperature during the Summer and winter in Ooty?

In Summer, the temperature is not going to go above 25 degree C and the least will be 15 degree C. It is not at all going to be too hot to spend a holiday. In Winter, it is going to be between 5 degrees C to 15 degree C, The rains are seen only in the Monsoons and that is also not a bad time to visit Ooty.

3. Do we have frequent bus and cab facilities from airport, railway stations to Ooty?

There a number of buses available in the place. But when you are here for sightseeing, then Cab can be the best choice. You can hire the tour cabs for the entire trip and we have the tour cabs facilities. You will get the cabs for the best tariffs in Ooty.

4. Are hotels cheap in Ooty?

When you are planning your trip in advance, then you will be able to get the hotel rooms for cheap. We have the list of more than 75 hotels to choose from. You have budget hotels, resorts, cottages and many other options to choose from. You can choose them based on your needs.

5. What are the best places to visit in Ooty?

The Ooty lake, Doddabetta, Botanical garden, Nineth Mile, Rose garden, Mudumalai, Wax Museum, Kalhatty waterfalls, Pykara lake, Avalanche and a lot more. We have a list more than 70 places to visit in Ooty.

6. Other than sightseeing, what are the other activities to enjoy in Ooty?

Boating, wild life safari, Trekking, Hiking and Fishing can be enjoyed in Ooty.

Know Ooty climate before you reach Ooty, Weather condition in Ooty!