Botanical Garden - Ooty Tourist spot

Gardens 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Rs 40/- (Per Adults) - Camera : Rs 50 19 Tips

Timing: Mon-Fri: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, Sat-Sun: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Fees: Rs 40 per Person (Adults), Rs 20 (Children from 5-10 yrs), No fees (Children below 5 yrs)

Camera Fees: Still camera Rs 50/- , Video Rs 100

Things to do: Watching Garden Views and flowers with different varieties.

Places nearbyDoddabetta (6.7km), Rose garden (2.2km), Ooty lake (4.0km), Thread Garden (4.0km), Thunder world (2.6 km)

Entry fees last updated on 12/15/2018


The Botanical Gardens in Udhagamandalam (Ooty), Tamil Nadu state, India was laid out in 1847. The Gardens, divided into several sections, cover an area of around 22 hectares, and lie on the lower slopes of Doddabetta peak. The garden has a terraced layout. It is maintained by the Tamil Nadu Horticulture Department.

 Its architect was William Graham McIvor. The Marquis of Tweedale prepared the initial layout during the late 1840s. During that time Ootacamund (Ooty) was under British control.
The Gardens have around a thousand species, both exotic and indigenous, of plants, shrubs, ferns, trees, herbal and bonsai plants. In the centre of the Gardens lie a fossilized tree trunk estimated to be 20 million years old.

19 Reviews and Tips

11/24/2017 2:52:51 AM

Ooty is one of the Best Hill stations in Tamilnadu. We have visited the botanical garden last week.It is really a great experience. We can get to see many kinds of trees and plants. This place is crowded always.You can spend minimum 2 hours in this garden.

9/25/2017 4:03:08 AM

Most of the places inside remained closed in this garden. Just good to sit and relax friends and play with kids. Many photographers are there for instant snap and print. Visit this place if you have enough time.

9/21/2017 2:21:24 AM

Government Botanical Garden is located in the Queen of hill station Ooty.It is a big garden. There are numerous trees in the garden. It is a nice place for relaxation and snap-shooting.

8/7/2017 3:26:54 AM

The botanical garden spread across a wide area. It has various plant species. One can spend about 1.5-2 hours in this place. The Children's play area is missing here.A must visit place in Ooty.

prof.Abdul ayub.
7/5/2017 9:11:00 AM

I was a regular visitor of ootty for the last 40 yrs as a student as well as a teacher.The panoramic diversity of this place espicially the the govmnt botanical garden tell us all a botanist and a common man expect.This is a crosssection of the entire flora of the world which we can enjoy a lot.

6/21/2017 10:55:47 PM

The botanical garden is a very nice place to spend time and has a walk in nature. There is no proper parking area so in peak season you will find difficult to park your car. It is a nice place to click photographs. You can spend nearly 1.30 minutes to 2 hours in this garden.

6/16/2017 4:31:31 AM

Botanical Garden is one of the best places to visit in Ooty. It is a huge garden and has different varieties of flowers. It is the best place for garden lovers and nature lovers. The lawn is very nice to sit and relax with family and friends.

6/8/2017 1:41:35 AM

Botanical Garden has so much rush during flower show. It is recommended to visit in non-season time to spend more time in the garden.But it's nice for the first-time visitor.The Garden has various beautiful spots to shoot photos.

3/3/2017 1:04:51 AM

Botanical Garden is the most renowned tourist place at Ooty with a coverage of a vast area. Beautiful lawns and grassland are suitable for all category people like children, family, friends and aged people.It attracts people from various parts of the world which include foreigners.It has good and clean natural resources.All facilities are available inside the garden area.You can roughly spend 2 hours in this garden.

2/21/2017 12:22:32 AM

Botanical Garden is just a large garden which is located in the heart of the city where one can spend around 2 hours. This place is a worth a visit for many photographers. It is a nice garden with enchanting views and it is a must visit place for all category people like children, teenager, family, friends and for aged people.

2/6/2017 2:52:32 AM

Botanical Garden is a well-maintained garden with beautiful lawns. A nice place to roam and relax with your friends and family. This Garden contains a wide range of flowers and trees. Nice place for photo shooting.

12/30/2016 12:28:11 AM

Botanical garden in Ooty is really nice with green grasses and lots of beautiful flowers. The environment is very fresh and cool. Also, the garden is well maintained and clean. One of the best garden for the kids and you can spend minimum 2 hours in this place.

9/15/2016 1:12:45 AM

Botanical Garden is one of the best places to visit in Ooty. The perfect place for couples and kids.There is a vast lawn where kids can play and enjoy.It is also a nice place to sit and relax. Shops are available inside and there are many shops available on the way to the garden which are good for shopping.

8/30/2016 3:13:59 AM

Ooty Botanical Garden is a great place for nature lovers. There is a small food stall inside the garden. Every year in the month of May summer festival is held. Entry fee for adults Rs 30 and for the children below 10 years is Rs 15/-. Great place to relax and unwind.

6/29/2016 11:34:07 PM

The botanical garden is a very big garden located in the heart of the town. You can spend around 3-4 hours. You can take the beautiful pictures. Along with the entry fee if you take the camera and video you have to pay extra for that. Best place to visit with your family and friends.There are many varieties of trees and flowers which make this place more beautiful and attractive.

2/25/2016 2:11:23 AM

Ooty Botanical Garden is a best and must see places in Ooty. It is advisable not to visit on rainy days because you are not able to enjoy in rainy time.This garden is worth to visit and the entrance fee is nominal.Botanical Garden is a busy park, the visitors to this park is more in all the days of the year.There is a shop inside the garden but the cost is more compared to the shops outside the park.The lawn is amazing and children can enjoy playing in this vast lawn.

1/25/2016 12:50:31 AM

Botanical Garden is one of the best gardens to spend a time with family and friends.It is very beautiful and big garden.May month is the best time to visit this place, Flower show will be conducted at the month of May every year in this Garden.You can see different types of plants and trees.For nature lover and biology students, it is the must place to visit in Ooty.

12/17/2015 11:28:52 PM

Botanical Garden is one of the popular tourist spots in Ooty.Different types of flowers plants and several old trees are the main attraction to this park.Flower show is the main event, which is conducted at the month of May.There is a well-maintained lawn, where you can spend the time with your friends and families and it is the best place to relax.There is a shop inside the garden, where you can get an Ice cream, Snacks, and Coffee, but the cost is bit expensive.There are many shops in Garden Road, where you can do shopping.

10/22/2015 3:26:14 AM

A must place to visit, inside this garden there are only a snack and drink stalls, you don't get food in this place. But outside the garden there are so many shopping stalls, hotels are available. There is also a Tibetian market near to this garden, which is famous for the woolen clothes. You can get all the things at a reasonable rate.

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