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Things to do: Watching Old Heritage Church

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Kandal Cross Church

        Kandal Cross Church is located about 9,080 feet above sea level in Ooty. Some think this church as the Jerusalem of the East. The church has a little-known memorial that is connected with the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Inside a life-sized bronze, crucifix contains a small sized relic that is encapsulated in a glass case. The relic inside the glass is a tiny dark coloured wood from the original Cross that Christ carried upon which he was finally crucified. Even many who come to this church are said to be unaware of this fact with the exception of few who pray in front of this memorial.

Kandal Cross Shrine also known as the Calvary of South India was found in 1933 by French priest Paul Crayssac. Paul brought the wooden memorial to the shrine on May 1st, 1939 from a museum in Rome where parts of the Holy Cross collected from Jerusalem are preserved.

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8/22/2017 4:16:13 AM

A visit to Kandal cross church was a good experience, It was pleasant and peace there. You will definitely feel the holiness in the total surroundings and in the atmosphere.You can just walk around the church and just do the rosary.The cross with Christ endures the whole beauty of the church.

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