6th Mile Timing & Entrance Fees

Forest 9:00 am to 6:00 pm no fees 10 Tips

Timing: Mon-Fri: 8:00 am to 7:00 pm, Sat-Sun: 8:00 am to 7:00 pm

Fees:  No Fees

Camera Fees: No Fees

Things to do: Watching Scenic Views, Horse Riding

Places nearbyPykara lake (12km), Pine forest (5km), 9th Mile(5km), Ooty Lake (12km), Thunder World (10.5 km)

Entry fees last updated on 11/30/2016

6th Mile

             The name itself suggests that 6th mile is located 6 miles away from ooty city. It is one of the best scenic view in Ooty. Pykara is near to the 6th mile. This is also one of the most attractive tourist spot. It is fully sorrounded by green, extensive and dense forest . It is also known as "Shooting spot". Most of the Indian movies are shooted here due to its natural beauty and scenic view. Its a good place for photographers.  It is one of the best picnic spot. Here the cloud touches your feet and you can enjoy the cool temperature. So by inflicting this place you can have a leisure trip.


                  The name itself suggests that 6th mile is located 6 miles away from ooty city. It is one of the best scenic view in Ooty. Pykara is near to the 6th mile. This is also one of the most attractive tourist spot. It is also known as "Shooting spot".

10 Reviews and Tips

7/22/2019 4:34:55 AM

Perfect Venue for hangout.Wear proper walking shoes and carry snacks and bottled water. Dont throw any plastics and spoil the nature beauty.Be cautious during wet conditions as the surface will be quite slippery.Good place for photo graphy.

2/28/2018 3:58:06 AM

This is an ideal picnic spot to visit with your family.There is a lake and also has a beautiful thick forest surrounding.There are houses around this place where villagers are living.It becomes famous because of movie shooting. The views are great, no doubt.

2/5/2018 10:51:35 PM

You will be able to enjoy great views from this shooting spot. I'll suggest to stop here and take some photographs and get relaxed. Horse riding also available here. It is situated near to Kamaraj Lake so you'll get a nice look at that lake as well.

8/22/2017 3:22:58 AM

6th Mile a Shooting Spot is situated at a distance of 6 miles from Ooty. This tourist spot is lush green, extensive and surrounds with dense forest. Most of the Indian movies feature this shooting spot due to its natural beauty. It's a good place for photography.Don't miss to visit this shooting spot during your Ooty Trip.

1/11/2017 10:47:22 PM

6th Mile is an ideal place for film shooting and photography. There is a lake with beautiful thick forest surroundings. There are houses around and the villagers do live nearby.A great visit with family and no doubt.

3/17/2016 4:38:11 AM

6th Mile is exactly 6 miles from Ooty, which is one of the best shooting spots in Ooty. Many films were shot here.This place is very calm and scenic and it is the perfect gateway for a picnic.You can enjoy a view and also can spend your time with Family.Children's will enjoy a lot.

2/10/2016 12:44:45 AM

6th Mile Shooting Spot is a nice place to relax and spend your time with family.You can also enjoy horse ride near to this place.This place offers an amazing Lakeview.There are no restaurants available in this place.There is a small tea shop on the roadside, where you can buy tea and snacks items.For nature lovers and photography lovers, it is the must place to visit in Ooty.

1/28/2016 11:49:21 PM

6th mile offers a spectacular view of the tourist who inflict this place. It is situated amid the dense forest.It's a spot near to Kamaraj Sagar dam so you will get a nice look at that lake too. It takes a time to climb the viewpoint but it's worth reaching top. You can avail horse ride here.Beautiful place for photo clickers.

11/11/2015 10:23:15 PM

6th mile is in the midst of dense forest and it is little steep so you need to climb to reach the top hill. From the top, the view is panoramic which gives a visual treat to your eyes.The activity such as Horse ride is available in this spot. There are no restaurants around this area so better take some eateries with you.

10/22/2015 3:19:55 AM

6th Mile is 6 Mile from Ooty, it is also called as "shooting Medu".It is the best place for nature lovers and the best time to visit is Monsoon time.The shooting spot is ideal picnic spot to Kids but be careful of slops on the top of the hill.You can take beautiful snaps in this place, many Indian Movies are shot here.No restaurants available in this place,bring food with you while visiting this place is better option.

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