Frog Hill View Point Timing & Entrance Fees

Forest 6:00am to 6:00pm No fees 5 Tips

Timing: Mon-Fri: Any Time, Sat-Sun: Any Time

Fees: No Fees

Camera Fees: No Fees

Things to do: Watching scenic views

Places nearby :  Pykara (22km), Glenmorgan dam (18km), Cinema Shooting spot (23km), Pine forest (34km), Golf course (44km), Needle Rock (1 km)

Entry fees last updated on 11/30/2016

Nilgiri mountain ranges envelop many tourist places of the state of Tamilnadu. The mountains and hillocks of these ranges are scenic and offer panoramic views. Frog hill is one of the marvelous hillocks near Ooty. When viewed from a distance it appears like a frog, hence it is popularly known as frog hill.

The summit of frog hill offers some incredible views of surrounding region and the tea estates as well as tiny villages spread in its vicinity. Other nearby attractions is Sandanamalai Murugan Temple, which is beautifully surrounded by huge mountains displaying splendid waterfalls and streams dripping through the dense forests.

The temple is located in such a serene place, that you will feel like standing in a paradise offering beautiful views of the marvelous spice plantations. They are spread across the valleys providing mixed aroma of the spices. Further you can proceed to Numbalakottai, an awesome place where you can visit an ancient shrine of Betterayasamy built in a Kerala style of architecture.

It is about 12 km. on the Gudalur - Ooty road. From here one can see frog shape of a hill view. Frog Hill View Point is the most popular spot near Gudalur. It can be conveniently visited while coming down from Gudalur to Ooty which is at a distance of just twelve km.

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12/31/2017 1:58:02 AM

Frog Hill View Point is around 12 km on the Gudalur. It is located on Ooty-Gudalur road. From here you can see frog state of a slope view. Frog Hill View Point is a well-known unique spot to visit in Gudalur. Frog hill is one of the excellent hillocks close to Ooty. At the spot when seen from a separation it shows up like a frog, consequently, it is known as frog Hill View Point.

8/9/2016 11:26:26 PM

One of the renowned tourist spot in Gudalur. From here one can see the frog shape of the slope view. The sunrise and sunset seen from this view on a clear day take your breath away.

2/2/2016 1:55:44 AM

Frog Hill View Point is the most well-known tourist spot in Gudalur. When you look at the viewpoint it shows up like a frog type.One can get a beautiful view of the frog shape of a slope view. Sunset can be seen in clear days and during the winter season the place is often covered with mist.

1/30/2016 7:05:57 AM

One of the important tourist place to see.very nice

12/29/2015 1:52:05 AM

It is one of the tourist spots in Gudalur.It is 12 km away from Gudalur and it is on the way to Gudalur-Ooty road. After reaching the viewpoint, one can see the frog shape of a hill.Due to its shape, it is also known as "Thavalamalai". Best time to visit during summer so that you can see the clear view of the hills.

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