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Things to do: Watching views of the falls

Places nearby: Ooty Lake (16km), Thunder World (15km), Mudumalai (30km), Maravakandy Dam (25km)

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Kalhatti water falls

           Kalhatti falls is 13km away from the Ooty city. It is on the road to Mysore road or Sigur Ghat Road. You have to go 2 miles from kalhatti village to reach the Kalhatti falls. It is one of the tourist destination in ooty. It is also a beautiful picnic spot. The falls is connected by the motorable road. Most of them select this spot for Hiking, Bird Watching and Trekking.

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11/20/2017 2:11:40 AM

Kalhatti Falls is about 13 km from Ooty. It is located on the Ooty to Mysore Road. Kalhatti Water Falls is considered to be an ideal spot for trekking. The waterfall is located at around 2,000 meters above the sea level and the entire route runs through the Kalhatti Ghats.There are Buses available from Ooty to Kalhatti village and you have to walk or take any cab from Kalhatty Village to Falls which is 2-miles far from the village.

8/3/2016 10:37:43 PM

Kalhatti waterfall is around 2 miles from Kalhatti village. Once can take a bus to Kalhatti village from Ooty. The renowned hill town Bellikal is also situated nearby. One can also spot the animals such as Bison, Spotted deer and panthers which come to drink water from the falls in an early morning. The best time to visit this place is from September to November.

3/1/2016 2:02:26 AM

Kalhatty waterfall is a beautiful tourist attraction place. The waterfall is at the height of 40 metres.The route from Ooty to Kalhatty valley offers several breathtaking views.The vehicles are allowed only till the village after that to reach the waterfall you have to make a small trek about 3.5kms. It considered being an ideal destination for trekking. The best time to visit is during September - November.

12/23/2015 11:21:58 PM

Kalhatti Falls is a key attraction in Kallhatti. It offers different wildlife experience.The surrounding of this region is excellent with lush green plants and trees.The drive to this falls id hard because of uneven roads and hairpin bends.You can spot wildlife animals if you are lucky.For photography lovers it is the best place.

12/23/2015 11:09:38 PM

Kalhatty waterfall is about 13 km from Ooty. From Kalhatty village, one has to travel 2 miles to reach the falls. You can spot the animals such as panthers, bison, wild buffaloes, spotted deer, sambhar, and different types of birds. Good for wildlife photographers and nature lovers. There are no restaurants in and around the village only small shops are available.

11/5/2015 10:12:29 PM

Kalhatti water falls is a key attraction in kallhatti, It is 13km away from Ooty.You can enjoy visiting and for nature lovers it is the best place.You can take beautiful pictures in this lush green surroundings.This falls is connected to Kallhatti village Road.Be careful while riding in the road, because you have many hairpin bends throughout the road.Many accidents are taking place in these roads.There is no restaurant in and around this place.There are only small shops in Kallhatti.

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