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Is Ooty open for tourism?

Ooty Lockdown till July 05th 2021Updated by : Travel2ooty on June/25/2021

Planning any Ooty Trip? If so, then this article would help you to know about the procedure to be followed for travel during this lockdown.


Update on 3rd July


No Epass Required to enter Ooty from 5th of July, with 50% occupancy all hotels and sightseeing places will be opened


Partial Market vendors are asked to open thier shops in random wise


Lockdown in Ooty:


Although Ooty was opened to tourists from last September 2020 to April 2021, Tamilnadu Government has imposed lockdown to Ooty from May 2021, due to increasing corona cases in Nilgiris District. 

As travelling would play a major role in spreading the pandemic, stringent restrictions has been imposed for travelers entering to Ooty.


Ooty sightseeing spots, mountain train are completely closed during lockdown. Only those who have an e-pass approved by collector are allowed to enter in Ooty only for trding and business purpose.


As of now, lockdown is extended till 5th July and still it is not clear whether Ooty will open for tourism after 5th July.


How to travel from Ooty to other districts:


Step 1: People travelling from Ooty to other districts need to apply for an e-registration in the website address mentioned below.




E-registration can be applied and download easily as it is auto-approval.



Step 2: The approved E-registration can be shown at the check post to cross the district border. E-registration ensures a hassle free travel from Ooty to other districts. But make sure each district/state have diffrent conditions , ex from Ooty to Bangalore you  should have  two vaccination dose, and should have taken Covid-negative certificate to cross the borders .


How to travel from other Dstricts to Ooty?


Step 1: People travelling from other districts to Ooty, need to apply for an e-pass which is different from e-registration. As e-pass is approved only by the collector based on the travel purpose/emergency. Probability of getting approval of e-pass is less. Only for emergency purpose, e-pass will be approved by the collector.


Step 2: Only people who have a valid e-pass would be allowed to enter in to Ooty. So make sure you have an approved e-pass to travel only for emergency purpose.


We will be updating the lockdown status after 5th July. We hope Ooty will welcome you for tourism soon, as Covid cases are reducing day by day.