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Heavy rain hits traffic in Nilgiris

Photo Credit: The HinduUpdated by : Travel2ooty on September/12/2017

Nilgiris district recorded a very heavy rainfall on Sunday and Monday and witnessed many landslips along the road from Mettupalayam to Coonoor. Due to the uprooted trees and landslip, there was a heavy traffic problem near Marapalam.


The Nilgiri Mountain Railway was also delayed due to the heavy downpour. Many trees were uprooted by the strong winds near Nondimedu and Burliar. Due to the traffic problem, the vehicles were rerouted via Kotagiri. Traffic to Manjoor was also affected by landslip in Nunthala village.


The morning, afternoon, and evening toy trains were delayed due to landslip in Wellington station, and between Aravankadu and Ketti.


The heavy rain and traffic problems caused havoc to the tourists returning to Coimbatore, as there was road blockage and landslips. However the workers of the Highways Department cleared the fallen trees and road blocks quickly and restored the traffic flow to help the tourists travelling to Ooty.