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Fake handicraft products sold as Toda's products

Updated by : Travel2ooty on September/01/2017

Todas are the ancient tribals of the Nilgiris and they are renowned and famous for their hand-woven embroidery and handicraft products. Most of the tourists visiting Ooty are interested in buying the Toda's embroidery products including the handkerchief, shawls, bags, carpets and other hand-woven products.


Now a days, due to the growth of the online shopping and marketing, many of the embroidery products designed by the Toda artisans are copied by non-tribals and are sold on the online portals. This has caused a serious threat to the livelihood and economy of the Toda community.


The Toda's self-help group met the Secretary of the District Legal Services Authority and have demanded him to take necessary action to prevent the duplication of Toda's product. They also requested him to help them in getting a registered Trademark for Toda embroidery.


The Secretary assured that he would help the Toda community in forming an association for selling the original embroidery products hand-woven by the Todas and would take necessary action to get a registered Trademark for Toda embroidery products.