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Cooking prohibited in reserve forest area

Updated by : Travel2ooty on August/10/2017

Ooty has become a hotspot for the adventurous activities of the tourists. The reserve forest areas in and around Avalanche, Mukurthi National Park, Mudumalai Tiger Reserve, and Silent Valley are main attractions for the tourists preferring adventurous activities such as camping, trekking, cycling and hiking.


Even though the entry of tourists into reserve forest area is strictly prohibited, some of the tourists enter the forest zone illegally without any permission from forest department and do picnics and cooking in the reserve forest area. In order to prevent the tourists from cooking and picnics in reserve forest area, the district administration of Nilgiris has alerted the check-posts to seize LPG cylinders and other flammable substances being brought into the Nilgiris district.


The district administration has said that the ban for cooking in the reserve forest areas in Nilgiris would protect the eco-friendly and pollution-free environment of the forests in the district and promote the forest conservation.