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Tigers in Mudumalai Sanctuary has been increased in number

Tigers-count-is-increased-in-the-Mudumalai-SanctuaryUpdated by : Travel2ooty on July/21/2015

Mudumalai Tiger Archive area extend over an area of 321 sq.cm at the border of Tamilnadu,Kerala and Karnataka.There are different animals like Tiger , Leopard, Bear , Deer  and variety of rare birds have lived here.Tiger survey work has been held recently at Mudumalai Sanctuary.

The Survey conducted based on the Footprints and residue of the Tiger.Acrobatics and Social Activists have separated into groups and done the survey.They found that Tigers count is increased here. At last year Census there were 60 tigers ,currently the count is increased as 75.


As the area of Mudumalai park turned green due to rain , so many Wildlife animals coming here from Karnataka and Wayanad for grazing.


Coming 29th July is celebrated as a International Tiger Day .Drawing and Composition Competition going to held at School to aware the Students.Srinivasa Reddy,the Field Director of Mudumalai said that The Speech about Protecting Forests will also be given to aware the Students.