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Dew Drops season has been started in Nilgiris

Dew DropsUpdated by : Travel2ooty on September/16/2015

Dew Drop season has been started in Nilgiris.Due to heavy shivering the people suffering greatly.There was heavy sun at the last week. So the tourist people not able to enjoy their Onam Holidays.Nilgiri District people also struggled in the grisps of heat.At this stage water snow has began to fall on yesterday night.So the people were greatly suffered from shivering due to chill climate,which affects the staffs who are going to work and the students.


There was a dew drops on the grass area of Ooty Government Bottanical Garden,Race Course, kantal and talaikunta.These scene grab the heart of the tourists very much and they took a snap of this scene by their camera and mobile phone.


People believe that the snow season will start three days after  this dew drop fall . The cultivated Vegetables and Tea plants will highly affected at the snow season,So the Farmers were highly Concerned. 


The Snow Season will be going to start on November.The people can enjoy the climate very much.


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