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Ayyanor Ammanor Festival - 2017

Ayyanor Ammanor FestivalUpdated by : Travel2ooty on January/09/2017

"Kothas", one of the tribal community has been living in Nilgiri District.They worshipped Ayyanor Ammanor as their Deity.The ayyanor ammanor temple of Kothas who were living in new Kotagiri is located at the entrance of Nehru Park in Kotagiri.So the Kothas used to celebrating their festival at this temple every year.


Accordingly, the festival has begun at Kotagiri Ayyanor ammanor temple on the last 02nd of this month.They brought bamboo buds from Doddabetta  and Dolhin Nose  in order to make the celebration a special one.After that, they are cleaning the temple by using bamboo and the pooja namely Kakkaval Kitchu has been held at this place daily.Kothas also involved fasting prayer.


The main event of Ayyanot Ammanor festival took place yesterday.All the Kothas people including women and children wore their traditional dresses and went to their temple by walk(4km).


They had lightened the lamps and given ghee, salt and money as offertory to god.Then they enjoyed their festival by dancing to a traditional music of Kothas.Today(09th Jan) the Sam Rice and Salt and curry will be cooked and special poojas organised at Kotagiri temple.The food has been issued to the senior citizens first and then it will be given to the rest of the people.


The Kothas people said, "Ayyanor Ammanor become one of the main festivals of our tribal community.Though we are in a different location, We will participate in this festival by gathering in a temple.There is a condition that the kid should be named before coming to the temple."