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The planting work started at Botanical Garden

Planting WorkUpdated by : Travel2ooty on January/05/2017

The flower show has organised on May month every year in Ooty Botanical Garden.This year 121st Flower show will be held at Ooty Botanical Garden.There are 5 lakhs flower plants are going to be planted for the forthcoming flower show.The planting work was started yesterday.There are 60 new flower plant varieties has been introduced for this year.

Flower show has been organising by the Horticulture Department every year in order to entertain the tourists.The tourists from all over the world will come and enjoy the flower exhibition.The planting works have been started three months before the flower show.So the flowers will be bloom beautifully at almost all the flower plants of the garden on the month of April and May.Thousands of tourists will be visiting Ooty Botanical Garden during Flower Exhibition.

Two Glass House has been set at the park.The flower plants which will grow at the controlled temperature have been planted and maintained at this glass house.These flower plants have been imported from the abroad.

The special seeds of 200 various flower plants including Inca, Marigold, pikoniya, kentitapt, telpiniyam, French Marigold, cinerea, verbena, canpilavar, antirainam, viola has been obtained from different countries such as from America, Japan, German and Netherland are going to be planted in the garden.These flower plants will be planted in various parts of the park.During the 121st flower exhibition, the flowers will be blooms in various colours.Especially 60 new flower varieties including oriental lily, Asiatic lily, fancy, petunia, Blacks, pirimula, jiniya and stock gale have been introduced for this year.

Similarly, 5 types of Carnation flowers which were imported from Italy will also to be displayed at the garden for the visitors on a flower show.In addition 15 thousand flower plants will be arranged and displayed at various places in the garden.