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The water level of Ooty Dams has been decreased due to less rain.

DamUpdated by : Travel2ooty on January/12/2017

Since there is no expected monsoon rain last year, the monsoon rain ranges fallen below 52%.So the water level has been decreased in various dams.The dams are drying up fastly.The water level of the main drinking water resource is Parsons ValleyDam. The water level of this dam is 32 feet(Total Capacity Level- 58 feet).The water level of Marlimund dam is 4 feet, Tiger hill dam water level is 2.8 feet and the water level of Doddabetta upper dam is 2.1 feet height.


The water level of the dams other than Parsons Valley Dam is much lower.So there may be a risk of drinking water shortage problem in Ooty for the forthcoming summer season.Ooty Municipality has 11 thousand water connections.In this 7 water connections has been getting water supply from Parson's valley dam.


In addition, the municipal areas such as Vannarapettai, Old Ooty, Bombay Castle and Southweek are not getting drinking water from Parson's valley dam.The water has been supplied from other dams to these places.So the water shortage problem is higher in these place.


Thousands of tourists will arrive Ooty during summer season(Month of April and May).But there is no sufficient water in dams to supply to the public.


The demand has risen that the government should take action to avoid shortage water problem and should supply the sufficient water to the tourists and to the public.The public also demanding to finish the 3rd Drinking water Projects.


Ooty Commissioner said," The 3rd Drinking Water Projects are in a process in order to avoid the shortage water problem.This works expected to end within the March month.All the 36 Ward areas will get a water from Parson's valley dam without any restrictions after the successful completion of this project.So the letter has been posted to Electric Department not to open the water from Parson's Valley Dam if it falls below 33 feet.


In addition, the actions have been taken to set up bore well at the two places of the city for the water supply to the public.The action will be taken to supply drinking water without any restrictions to the tourists who will come to enjoy a summer season, He added"