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The impact of winter climate in Ooty

Winter SeasonUpdated by : Travel2ooty on January/03/2017

The snowfall has started from October month in Ooty.The impact of the snowfasll has been increasing from the beginning of last month.As most of the Tea plants has burnt already in Nilgiri district, so the tea plants are covered by Coconut leaves, Thavai and Kotagiri Plants in order to prevent the remaining tea leaves from burning.The farmers also engaged in the rejuvenation pruning work in some places.In addition, the water flooding over the field by using the sprinkler during morning and evening times in order to protect the vegetables from the frost has also carried out by them.


The ornamental plants of Ooty Botanical Garden, Dendrology Park and Ooty Rose Garden has covered by the Kotagiri Plants for protection purpose.The park staffs are involved in the work of pumping water to the grass frequently.The impact of the frost was more for the last three days.The highest and lowest temperature recorded at Ooty Government Botanical garden on a day before yesterday was 21-degree celsius and 2-degree Celcius.The temperature has fallen below 1-degree Celcius in some of the tourist places such as Pykara and Glenmorgan.The impact of the frost was low on yesterday compared to the day before yesterday.