Why choose travel2ooty for tour in ooty

You might be tired of choosing the tour operator for your ooty trip., we have list of thing to be shared before you know why you should choose us

You might be tired of choosing the tour operator for your ooty trip.

Many tour companies will claim that they will offer you the best deal and service for your experience. When choosing to work with an agency, there are a variety of factors to consider – especially when you want to travel to an famous tourist destination, such as Ooty
As you consider different options, the following points will help you to create a shortlist that will help you make an informed decision on why you choose us (Travel2ooty.com)
The top quality of travel2ooty:
1. Responsive& Responsible
2. Understand  needs
3. Arrange the best prices possible
4. Provide you thorough information about the destination
5. Offer a variety of services
6. Offer a variety of activities
7. Answer your questions even after the services
8. Ensure that every detail of your ooty-trip itinerary is arranged
9. Request feedback to better their operation
Is the tour operator specialized of the destination?
If you decide to work with a large travel and tour agency, they might offer holiday packages in several different destinations. These types of companies could be labeled as the “master of none”. While they might offer decent prices on tour packages throughout the world, that doesn’t mean that the trip is going to be tailored to your needs. In a world where nearly 80% of travelers book tours on the Internet, it is best to find a tour operator who is specialized for the area in which you want to travel.
Travel2ooty: We are specialized tour operators only for ooty, and we don’t operate anywhere else other than ooty, we know more about ooty than anyone else, Our head office is in ooty, all employees are from ooty, we are local people who know Where When What happening in ooty.
How to trust tour operators?
Some companies have a skeleton staff through phone, and these same people run their tours in ooty from different place! Check them before you enquire, ask them where do you belong to, it’s just easy check there contact us page Numbers, and Many other companies have a distribution system with local companies on the ground but doesn't have their own staff in-ooty. That may be okay, but make sure that the BEST people are both answering questions in the home office AND running tours in ooty. 
Travel2ooty: We have expert staff planning trips in our home office in ooty, and as we said we all our local people residing in ooty. All our staff including driver are in ooty.
How to trust tour operators in payment?
You may asked to pay some deposit to confirm the trip, you have to pay money to different agency without knowing who and where they are,  if any error happens then you will be in real trouble in getting back the penny. These days getting such trouble in online is more often, finding which is real and which is fake is a real game
Travel2ooty: We don’t get any full payment initially, but we do get Rs 1000 as advance to confirm the trip, and the remaining amount will be asked to pay at every end of the day after our service, this is to make sure that you pay your money only after our services. Even that Rs 1000 will be used to block the rooms and cab for your trip.
Does the tour operator offer personalized or customized itineraries?
A tour operator should offer a variety of Ooty itineraries to choose from to meet different travelers’ needs. For those who are the more Budget type, an itinerary that includes Accommodation, Sightseeing, Other travel groups or families might decide that they would prefer a comfort trip with some cultural highlights. Agencies that can offer a variety of holidays that are crafted towards your own style of travel should be highly regarded.
Travel2ooty : We will send a details tour plan before you reach ooty, it will consist of  Pickup and Drop, Accommodation, Sightseeing Transport, Exact cost estimation, What all included in the package, what all excluded in the package
How responsive/Responsible is the tour operator to your e-mails?
Does the tour operator whom you have contacted respond to your request for information within a day or so? You can judge how much a tour operator cares about its customer relations with not only their initial response, but also their follow-up responses in helping you put together that perfect itinerary. A tour operator who calls you at your convenience and checks in to see how your plans are coming along is a responsive and responsible one who will also keep in communication with you up until the day you depart.
Travel2ooty: Hope you reached this page by the response we have provide in our all medium, we will be responsible for all you aspects during your trip in ooty. 
The rules are the basis of forming a trusting relationship between the travelers. Of course, as we attempt to be a superb tour operator, we hope to meet all of these requirements if yaou decide you’d like to ask us for a quote.
For those who are searching and want to make sure that their travel money will result in the quality of experience they deserve, you should hunt us that meets all the above-mentioned criteria. Once the itinerary is fully arranged and booked, its time to prepare for the trip of a lifetime in ooty!

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Pay First day charge as advance payment for the package confirmation, this advance amount will be used to block Hotel accommodation and cab for your trip date in prior, make sure you pay the advance amount only after your trip is confirmed from your side, the amount paid will not be refunded back.

The remaining amount will be collected partially every end of the day after our service, this is to make sure you pay your money only after our service.

We accept online payment option for the initial payment of Rs 1000, you can use your credit card, debit card for the payment, if you like to pay full Package amount using our online payment option, you will be charged 2.5 % extra service charge.