Ooty Tour with Infant Baby

Are you planning a tour to Ooty and want to take your infant baby with you? Many people will advise you not to travel with baby and many others will tell you that it is not a problem. Are you confused with the contradicting suggestions and wondering what to do? Let’s take a look at the various factors that you need to look into when you plan a trip to Ooty with baby.

Watch the weather

No matter where you travel to, you need to protect your baby from the harsh weather conditions. It is the same when you go on an Ooty tour. Preferably, plan your trip during the summer when the climatic conditions are mild and not too cold. However, if that is not possible and you are going to be traveling during the monsoon or winter, then you need to prepare accordingly. During monsoon, there will be continuous rain, sometimes heavy and sometimes just a drizzle. During the winters, the daytimes could be pleasant, but nights can get very cold, with temperatures dropping below 10 degrees at times. Check out the weather conditions to pack the right clothes.

Pack the Right Clothes

Whether you are travelling to Ooty with your baby in summer or winter, pack plenty of warm clothing. Make sure your child always wears a sweater or jerkin. In case, it is a little warm, put long-sleeve tees or tops. The sunlight in the mountains can be harsh, so it is best to protect the tender skin from the harmful UV rays. Always ensure that your baby is fully covered. Put on a woolen cap on the head and ensure the ears are covered. The chances of a baby getting unwell and catching a cold are higher when the ears, head, and feet are exposed to the cold. So, socks are another must-add to your child’s suitcase.

Check Food and Water

It is best not to change the food habits, more so while travelling. Change in water and food could adversely affect the baby’s health. If your baby is still on liquid food, then make sure you carry the formulas, powders or other supplements that you feed to your baby at home. On the other hand, if your baby has started on solids, then make sure that the foods you get for him/her are close to what your baby with eat at home. In other words, don’t experiment with food types on a tour. Another fact is that some children (and even adults) could get nausea and vomiting as they travel higher up the mountains. Get a prescribed medicine before you travel. Encourage kids to keep ears covered as it can reduce the feeling of nausea.

Stock up on medicines

It is best to carry the medicines that you will usually give your child if he/she falls sick. One, it is better to have prescribed medicines rather than experiment with over-the-counter medicines and random suggestions from others. Also, you may not get the specific medicine in the pharmacy stores in Ooty. Make sure you pack those medicines in your bag before you start.

Plan the daily trips

When you plan the daily itinerary, take into consideration the energy levels of the child. Also, plan your stops such a way that the baby’s meal times and nap times are not changed. When you plan your trip around your child’s meal and nap times, you will find that all of you are having a more enjoyable time.

Travelling to Ooty with infant baby can be fun and enjoyable for the whole family, if you make all the preparations right. Contact us at Travel2Ooty to tailor a tour to Ooty with infant baby.