List of things to carry during Ooty trip

Whenever we plan a vacation in Ooty we do not know what to pack and how much to take with us? So, before packing your bag, you should make a check list of the things that you should carry.So, here is a list of things that you should remember to carry.

Travel documents

The most important to thing to carry when traveling is travel documents. By carrying the following travel documents you can enjoy your holiday peacefully.

  • 1. Print out tour itinerary.(at least two) -Ooty day wise tour plan
  • 2. Copy of e-tickets (air or train whichever availed by you).
  • 3. Photo identity proof (government id proof) of travelling people.
  • 4. Print out of (Hotel , Tour Agency , Ooty Train Tickets) confirmation
  • 5. Print out of maps and directions. - Download it from here


The most needed things for daily uses are listed below:

  • 1. Mobile phone with proper GPS facility (Ooty is good with BSNL, JIO, VODAFONE AND AIRTEL Networks).
  • 2. Charger and power bank.
  • 3. Flash light & Torch.(for trekkers and hikers)
  • 4. Water bottles and backpacks with small locks(for trekking and hiking activity)

If you are planning to go for a trekking in Ooty, then you must carry a wooden stick to help you while trekking. A raincoat or umbrella is also very necessary because it can rain anytime there as the climate is very unpredictable. Sunglasses should also be carried. Avoid carrying candles, match boxes and scissor if travelling in airlines.


Firstly it is very difficult to decide on what clothes to take because the weather is so unpredictable. What if it rains? Or what if you decide to attend a party somewhere? What kind of attire would be carry? Well not to worry, we have mentioned the necessary clothes that you should carry.

  • 1. Irrespective of the season, woollen clothes like sweater, jumper, jacket, socks and thermal wears are always compulsory.
  • 2. Hats or caps and scarf
  • 3. Boots, sneakers, trekking shoes, slippers


To make your journey exciting and lively, you should carry the following things:

  • 1. I-pod
  • 2. Headphones /earphones
  • 3. A book(if you love to read)
  • 4. Camera (if you love to capture each and every moment of your trip). Note: you will be charged extra amount in all sightseeing entrace for digital camera.


Money is the most important thing while travelling. Carrying enough cash is necessary, but keeping too much money in hand is also risky.

  • 1. Keep the money in two three different places.
  • 2. Carry your debit or credit card as ATMs are available in Ooty.
  • 3. Keep a print out your debit or credit card in your email if unluckily your wallet goes missing.
  • 4. You can also keep a money belt for safety.

First-aid kits

One of the most important thing to help you enjoy your trip completely.

  • 1. Band aids.
  • 2. Fever, cold and cough and vomiting tablets.
  • 3. Pain killers, antiseptic creams, antibiotic, insect or mosquito repellent.(for trekkers and hikers)
  • 4. Water purifying tablets.

Apart from all these things mentioned above, you should also try to carry few


  • 1. Toothpaste and toothbrush
  • 2. Sunscreen
  • 3. Dental floss
  • 4. Lip balm
  • 5. Moisturizer
  • 6. Razors
  • 7. Tampons and pads
  • 8. Tissue paper
  • 9. Sanitizer

So, make your trip simpler, by following this checklist before you leave your home and set off for Ooty.

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