Bike Rental in Ooty

Here’s a wonderful option for you to explore Ooty at your own pace! You can rent bikes and go to different sightseeing spots in and around the town. When we say bike rental, we refer to motorcycles, electric bikes as well as bicycles. However, if you want to go for an eco-friendly option, we suggest bicycles. Ooty leagal

Riding a Bicycle in Ooty

If you are planning to stay in Ooty for a few days and want to visit all the places in a relaxed manner, hiring a bicycle is a great option. The traffic in Ooty is relatively less compared to that in the cities. So you don’t have to worry about battling traffic jams and traffic signals as you visit the different places in the town. Also, if you have kids, they will enjoy riding the bicycle up and down the winding roads. However, A word of caution – The roads in Ooty are usually inclines and slopes. So, if you are not physically fit, then you may find it difficult to pedal up the slopes, unless you are riding a gear cycle. Also, it can be difficult to control the speed of the bicycle when you’re travelling down a slope. This is when accidents could happen. Caution the children to avoid freewheeling and try to control the speed while pedaling downhill.

Bike TypeCostTime
BatteryRs 4008 hrs

Tariff rates updated on : 09/28/2019

Renting Motorbikes in Ooty

These days, many tourists who come to Ooty, like to rent bikes. Motorbikes give you the convenience of sightseeing at your own pace. Also, you can easily go to Coonoor, Kotagiri, Pykara or other places around Ooty town. But there is a knot in rent. Three years before there was rental bike accident near kallaty slope, from then legally there is no vendors providing rent Motorbikes, but electric bikes and bicycles are allowed.

How do bike rentals work?

There are many places in Ooty where you can rent electric bikes or motorbikes. However, you may have to pay a safety deposit before you take the vehicle. Once you return the bike without any damage, the safety deposit amount will be returned to you. While renting the bike, you can check if the agency will drop bike at the door step or if you need to go to their location and pick the vehicle.

What documents should you submit for renting a bike?

You need to present your driving license if you are renting a motorbike. The rental agency will ask you for photo ID copies as well as address proof. In some places, you also need to submit the local address details, in this case, your hotel or home stay details. However, bicycle rentals may not require DL proof.

Things to remember while renting bikes in Ooty

  • 1. If you are planning to rent motorbikes in Ooty, you should first check out the locations of the petrol bunks, so that you don’t get stranded somewhere without fuel.
  • 2. Check the fuel tank, vehicle condition and tires before you start your trip
  • 3. Insist on getting a helmet for both the driver and the pillion rider. It is better to safe than sorry later. Also, you don’t have to shell out huge amounts of money for the fines.
  • Check the vehicle documents before you collect the bike, so that you don’t have any trouble later on

The next time you visit Ooty, explore the beautiful hill station on bike. While motorcycles may seem like a convenient option, we recommend going for bicycles, which will give you the true feel and experience of the mountains!

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