Climate in Ooty or Weather in Ooty

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Climate In Ooty

                Ooty which is known as "Queen Of Hills" is known for its nature beauty and a pleasant weather throughout the year. There are difference in the weather of ooty which keeps on changing. But these changing seasons is bearable and it is very very much liked by tourist. The weather remains same throughout the year in winters, in summers and during monsoons too. Due to this reason tourist need not to wait to inflict ooty. They can infict ooty as per their wish. All the seasons in ooty, gives a beauty aspects. The seasons in ooty are summer, winter and Monsoon. The summers bring lot of colour and beauty to ooty. Among all the tourist spots in south India ooty is the favorite place for the visitors mainly because of its cold climate. The summer lasts from the month of March to September, winter from October to February and monsoon starts in the month of July for 3 months and lasts till the month of September. This is the time when ooty has maximum colours.


               The summer months in ooty are from March to September. At this time the temperature ranges between 10 degree celcius to 25 degree celcius during the summer. The days are hot and nights are with very pleasant coolness. During the early summer season, light rainfall is seen in Ooty which gradually increases by the month of May.


               The weather during winter is chill. The temperature falls down to 4 degree celcius while the temperature raises upto 18 degree celcius during the day time. Winter lasts from the months of October to February, January being the coldest month. Little showers of rain during the winters makes the weather very romatic.


                Ooty receives a rainfall of 121cm on an average during the monsoons. The monsoon starts early in the month of May and lasts till september. Whole Nilgiri hill is covered with new plantations during the monsoon. This is the time when all the hills are busted with the colorful flowers. But this time is not favorable for trekking.

                 These are the different seasons in Ooty throughout the year.


Ooty Weather By Months (2022)

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