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Ooty Weather In August 2015:
                Pleasant year-round climate throughout the year make Ooty a popular resort town. Most of the tourist inflict Ooty due to its pleasant climate. August month which is known for the monsoon season month. During this season there will be heavy rainfall but you can enjoy the climate at its beat if you are a nature lover.
Nature lovers would love the scenic beauty and after the rain showers in ooty it is good for worth clicking many snaps in this climate.Due to the heavy rain you can see the fabulous lush greenery in Ooty. If you are a nature lover and enjoy the loving rainfall then this is the beat time to inflict Ooty.

Temperature In August:
              During day, the temperature will go upto 20 degree celcius and during night, the temperature falls upto 13 degree celcuius. Some of the days in the month of August you will receive a rainfall.There will be no such as humidity or heat.
               Throughout August month you will have a pleasant climate and if you are nature lover it is the best time to inflict Ooty and have a enjoyable trip.

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