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Ooty Weather In November 2015
             Ooty climate is so good and it remains gratifying and attractive throughout the year . Most of the tourist inflict Ooty due to its attractive climate.The weather in November in Ooty will be sunny days with cold nights. In the month of November Ooty will be very cold around. Fog will be very dense. It will be very cold. It is the best time for the travelers/ tourist to inflict ooty because without any hassles they can enjoy the sightseeing places. Due to the dense fog during this month you need to be fully covered. You can see the fabulous views on the way up and around the area.

Temperature In November:
              During day, the temperature will go upto 21 degree celcius and during night, the temperature falls upto 10 degree celcius. During this month the temperature will be too cold and you there will be a fog.There will be no such as humidity or heat.
               Throughout November month you will have a gratifying and attractive climate and if you are nature lover it is the best time to inflict Ooty and have a memorable trip.

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