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Places nearbySims Park (5.2km), Dolphin Nose (4km), Catherine Falls (18.8km), Toy train (8.2km)

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Coonoor suicide View point (Lamb's Rock)

                                       Lamb's rock is one of the tourist attraction in the area, and it is 8km away from coonoor.Watch a sheer precipice of several hundred meters with a phenomenal view of vast stretches of forests all the way to the Coimbatore plains. Between January and March, the trees become extremely colorful. Beneath the rock, lies a vast forest reserve. On the right, there is a Hullical ravine featuring Coonoor river.It is among favoured tourist spots, which can be approached on the way to Dolphin's Nose or the Seat.

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2/4/2018 11:36:10 PM

The drive to this viewpoint is little dangerous, so be careful. The roads are blocked during peak season. This viewpoint offers a superb view.The entry fee is affordable.Beware of monkeys.

6/13/2017 11:37:53 PM

The drive to this spot is very interesting through tea estates. The view from the top most point is eye catching.You can see the toy train going from this point. There is so much of greenery surrounded by, trees and a well-paved road that you definitely fall in love with this post. Good place for photography and sunset.

6/10/2017 1:27:09 AM

Lambs Rock Viewpoint is beautiful and peaceful. It is located in Coonoor. You can spend 1-2 hours sitting with your friends or family . It gives a pleasant experience.

1/26/2017 11:36:19 PM

The view of Mountains and valley from Lambs Rock view point is really nice.Visit this place on clear sky day because you cannot enjoy the clear view at the foggy or misty day.

10/6/2016 11:28:34 PM

The Lamb's Rock is on the way to Dolphin's nose which is another viewpoint is Coonoor. It provides the panoramic view of the Nilgiri mountains and valley.The viewpoint is easily accessible for tourists as Coonoor is well connected by road.Best time to inflict is during summers so that you will get the clear views.

9/8/2016 12:07:08 AM

View of the valley is Good from this point. Have to climb a little bit on the rocky steps. At parking place, there are many shops available for purchase. Monkey is very severe in this post so be careful when you take any food stuff in hand. A Good place for photography.

8/4/2016 9:49:30 PM

One of the renowned tourist spots in Coonoor is Lamb's rock. The drive through the two sides of the road leading to lamb's rock is gifted with tea estates, which gives eye catching view. You can see Coimbatore from the top view. Good, a place for photography.

7/18/2016 12:08:16 AM

Lamb's rock gives the scenic view of the Nilgiri Mountains and valley. The drive to this place is little tricky so need to drive very carefully. From the parking place you need to walk around 15 minutes to reach this viewpoint. The local guide is available around this place if you want you can take him because there are no persons to explain about this place. Good, a place for photo enthusiasts.

3/31/2016 3:57:23 AM

Lamb's rock is another beautiful viewpoint in Coonoor. You can enjoy the nature at it's best as it is located far away from the hustle. There are many sightseeing places near to this tourist spot such as a dolphin nose, tea garden, chocolate factory etc. Good, a spot for photography.The best time to visit is during summer as you can get the clear views.

1/27/2016 11:10:59 PM

Lambs rock view point is on the way to Dominoes view point.The parking place is available.The trek to this place is good and it offers an awesome view.The roads are narrow, so it is advisable to go early morning to avoid traffic.

11/3/2015 2:45:22 AM

Lamb's rock is another perfect viewpoints in Coonoor. From car parking area, you have to go for a small trek of 500meters to reach this place. After you reach the top the views will be breathtaking. Also, you can see the Kerala and Karnataka borders from the top.There are many shops in and around this place.The main thing is that Beware of Monkeys.

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